Division Overview

Encompass Energy Services, an Eagle company since 2018, provides preliminary, as-built and depth-of-cover surveying services as well as drafting, GIS and right-of-way services primarily for oil & gas pipeline infrastructure across North America. Encompass has extensive experience tailoring services for their customers, including some of the largest midstream owners in the country. This overlay makes Encompass a perfect fit within the Eagle portfolio.

Our passion is to collaborate in identifying and recognizing each client's unique expectations and needs in order to determine the best approach in providing innovative, cost effective, quality service. Extensive manpower resources, strategically located offices across North America, and our strategic partners allow us to service any of your project-based needs throughout the lower 48 States, Alaska and Canada. It is our primary goal to offer the highest level of service through the incorporation of new technology. The standards by which you operate are the guideposts by which we define success. We look forward to working with you.

For additional details, please visit encompassservices.com or contact us.